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Dealing with real estate professionals over the internet can be concerning; now you have someone you can trust.

Michael Blomquist is a second generation real estate and mortgage broker who was born and raised in Silicon Valley.  Michael has 20 years of experience in financing, listing, selling, leasing and developing real estate.  He authored a book on the housing bubble and has been interviewed on numerous occasions.

Michael was one of the only real estate professionals in the industry who warned clients, regulators, law enforcement and Congress of the rampant mortgage fraud in housing.  In fact, the fraud became so prolific that Michael closed down his successful real estate offices in early 2004.  It was unwise to maintain office expenses while recommending that clients wait to purchase. He reopened in 2009 once the fraud and deception had improved.

Due to the dramatic changes in lending standards (growth of liar loans), it was clear that home prices were grossly, fraudulently and intentionally inflated.  Michael knew that anyone who purchased during the bubble years would be financially and emotionally devastated, if not destroyed, for doing so.  As a real estate and mortgage professional, he and others in his profession have a fiduciary duty to their clients.  This duty is simple; place the interests of clients ahead of his own. 

Here are some responses to Michael's numerous warnings.



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